HR as a service, RPO

(Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Talent Acquisition

Induction & Onboarding

Talent Management

Do you need to hire to expand but find it difficult?

After recruiting, people don't seem to stay with your company for long?

Not all your people seem to have the same performance?

Wish you would have more people engagement at work?

Valuable Recruitment, through a Holistic Perspective, addresses all these by analyzing facts and data, identifying the causes, presenting insights and action plans 

HR as a service

What it means for you

We take full ownership of the whole HR processes, from the time you decide to hire, determine and define the role, to recruit, bring onboard, train, coach and monitor performance.
Our processes are data driven and people - centric, custom developed for your organization.
We draft and execute the journey map experience of your staff along with compensation & benefits programs, recognition and rewards programs, aligning the skills to the business needs.
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Years of experience, different specialties and studies, our tech and use of data analysis, plus HR as a service differentiate us in our approach and output, yielding better proved results for our customers.